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Recently when cleaning up her toys, Emily found herself surrounded. 

With her birthday so soon, she was struck by the thought that some kids might not have the kind of birthday she is used to having - lots of toys, balloons, decorations, games and gifts.  Her beautiful heart turned to wondering how she could bless others who didn't have that experience and how she could use her birthday to give to others instead of getting more herself.

She asked her mom if there were kids she could gift with a birthday instead of being given more. Her Mom's friend was in the Philippines at Rehoboth Children's Home - an orphanage for children who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or surrendered for adoption - and the idea for Emily's Beautiful Birthday was born. 

Instead of gifts and all the trimmings of a party, Emily would like her friends to simply share some cake with her, and give the gifts and party supplies to the kids at Rehoboth, and for them to have a  huge special birthday party in her name. 

At her cake gathering there will be a shipping box which will be sent directly to Rehoboth Children's Home.  Emily is asking you to fill it with gifts and party supplies for the Rehoboth kids. 

If you'd rather give some money to help Rehoboth, Emily is hoping you'll help contribute to a fund (which will be matched by WestGate Church) to help Rehoboth buy a car so they can have transport. WestGate will match up to $8500 ! 

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